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Aerodynamics Series

2019년 12월 13일 금요일

Qantas select A350-1000ULR as Project Sunrise

 Several sources announced that Qantas selects A35K as their new Project Sunrise. 

 Direct airline to New York or London from Sydney. Without a doubt, it testify limit of aerodynamic efficiency of the two airliner giants, Airbus and Boeing. 

 777-8X and A350-1000ULR compete to be selected by Qantas, however, A35K has advantages in both newer technology in efficiency and operation proof by other airliners. Unfortunately, 787 series having better fuel economy is smaller for Qantas while 777X series evolved from the past cannot even complete the first flight. 

 Project Sunrise itself only ordered 12 aircraft however, it could open the new area of airlines for their range. 

 I hope there will be a new supersonic airliners in near future. 

2019년 12월 10일 화요일

Flight-SIM : Trajectory & Performance Analysis for Jet Aircraft

Previous Work Status

Missile-SIM : Performance Evaluation for Iskander / Kh-47M2 Kinzhal & ATACMS+Booster

The new topic for My page : Optimization of Supersonic aerodynamic aircraft

1. Introduction & Configuration of Flight-SIM

 As a new tool replacing Missile-SIM, I am now conducting Flight-SIM which consider more variables such as pitching moment, throttle-able engine, complex drag DB, trajectory optimization. Specifically, sophisticated trajectory optimization will be made similar to that of real-airliners.  

 Compared to Missile-SIM, it will more appropriate to evaluate range of the fixed-wing aircraft. 

 Next time, I will show the sample of the DB.