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2019년 3월 23일 토요일

AIM-120C Study using Missile-SIM : Part 3 - CUDA / LREW / METEOR types. 1 : Baseline Comparison

Previous Work Status

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 5. Comparison of Generic CUDA / AIM-120C / CUDA+Booster / Ramjet(Meteor)

 After addition of Air-breathing propulsion part for the Missile-SIM, I could describe the ramjet style air-to-air missile like Meteor. Precise configuration of the missile cannot be done because of security reason, indeed, I develop my own model based on the disclosed specification and my speculation. 

 So, contents of the simulation cannot be Real-one, but, except this, simulation could provide insight for the comparison purpose. 

 In this chapter, I want to compare CUDA / AIM-120C / CUDA+Booster / Meteor type missiles while external design of the missiles are not exactly matched to known design. However, I tried to match class of the missile roughly. 

 As you could see in my previous articles, additional CFD works for new OML configuration of CUDA and Meteor class missiles. Coefficient of fuel heat value of the Meteor missile is fitted to about 150km range with 100s of burn. Comparison for the baseline configuration and launch condition is shown below. 

 1) Two medium range missiles, CUDA and AIM-120C showed 37 and 65km respectively while CUDA is assumed as half of total and fuel weight. In short range, difference between the two missiles are not significant. 

 2) CUDA + Booster has same dimension of AIM-120C has the fastest speed and longer range than AIM-120C, however, difference between AIM-120C and CUDA+Booster did not met the expectation especially compare to its added complexity. 

 3) Ramjet has massive potential at long-range shot because of its enhanced ISP via air-breathing engine. Meteor missile could have disadvantage due to its complex aerodynamics and relatively lower acceleration than the conventional solid-fuel-rocket. 

 4) Enhancement of the CUDA+Booster version could be achieved by long-burn style motor; excessive high speed generate larger drag at high speed. 

 ** Altitude Effect

 1) In some region, maximum speed of the missile simulation is impractical; this could be fixed by throttle-able ramjet or rocket however, for comparison, thrust is fixed. 

 2) CUDA missile can be supplement of AIM-120C; but CUDA+Booster concept is not impressive as METEOR type for its range although it had significant higher speed potential. 

 3) Air-breathing type engine is sensitive to altitude effect naturally, however, it has much stronger endurance in its engine. 

 ** Launch Speed Effect

 1) As described in the sensitivity analysis of AIM-120C, effect of launch speed is linear not like effect of altitude. 

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