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2019년 10월 19일 토요일

ADEX 2019 Korea PART. 2 - External Display + CSR Demo

In ADEX 2019, compare to that of 2017, there was no F-22 raptor and its flight

Newly displayed one are KF-X, F-35 of ROKAF and EA-18G Growler of USN for the first time in Korea. 

CSR (Combat Search & Rescue) operation was also demonstrated. 

1. External Display

1) A-10C

2) AH-64E (from ROK army)

3) Bombardier G6000

4) C-17 (with its flight demonstration)

5) C-130J (H ver. was also displayed but there is no photo)

6) CH-47 (ROK and US Army's were displayed)

6) CN-235

7) DA-40 (single engine) & DA-42 (twin-engine)

8) E-3 AWACS


9) EA-18G (they were only shown in public day)

10) F-4E

11) F-5E

12) F-15K (probably it was the first time to show its cockpit; basically it is same as F-15E's)

13) F-16 & KF-16 (I want to see their solo-demo, but there was no flight of them)

14) F-35 from ROKAF

15) F-86 (static display for 70th Year Anniversary of ROKAF)

16) HS-748 (Unexpected guest)

17) KA-32 (ROKAF's Combat Rescue purpose)

18) KF-X (small model in booth and real-scaled mock-up at the outside)

19) KT-1 & KA-1

20) MQ-1

21) F-15K

22) P-8A

23) P-51D (like F-86, it was displayed to celebrate 70th Year Anniversary of ROKAF)

24) SR-22

25) T-50 & FA-50

26) UH-60 (ROK) & MH-60 (USN)

27) ETC

28) ARMY Vehicle

2. CSR Demo

KA-1 (FAC), FA-50 (CAS), and UH-60 (SAR) participated the Demo.

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