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Aerodynamics Series

2020년 1월 29일 수요일

X-plane for B747-400

Korean Government will send B747-400 and A330-300 to Wuhan for the escape of their own people.

I hope there will be no accident related to it. 

All crew of this flight is all volunteer. 

I reenact this flight with X-plane for the volunteers
(Details of flight can be different)

I usually play DCS and X-plane (BMS4.33 and il2 in the past)

2020년 1월 28일 화요일

Pictures from Spain Tour (18th ~ 26th Jan)

I had taken some pictures from Airports (Incheon, Paris, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid) during my trip.

I could enjoy ride of A359, A319/320/321, and A380 for this trip; what a Airbus-Tour...

Specifically, A359 and A380 provides very nice feeling of ride. 

1) Incheon-Paris

This is my AirFrance A359 !!


A332 and A333 were also shown

2) Paris-Barcelona

3) Barcelona-Granada

4) Madrid-Paris

5) Paris-Incheon

Boomsupersonic's XB-1

 There are two companies challenging supersonic aircraft in civil aviation seriously; Boomsupersonic and Aerion made several press articles.

 Here is Boomsupersonic's demonstrator

First Flight of B777-9X

 The Biggest twin-jet Airliner, B777-9X take-off from ground in Everett Field. 

 No doubtfully, most interesting feature is its fold-able wing-tip; it increases fuel efficiency within certain limit of its size. Larger engine, body and wing-span with lighter structure of composite made this aircraft as ~400 passenger class airliner. 

 Because of extinction of A380 and B747-8i, it would be the world's biggest airliner in 2020's. Still, Airbus has no competitor for its class; A350-1000 is similar to B777-300ER. 

2020년 1월 7일 화요일

Flight-SIM : DB Structure of the SIM

Previous Work Status

Missile-SIM : Performance Evaluation for Iskander / Kh-47M2 Kinzhal & ATACMS+Booster

The new topic for My page : Optimization of Supersonic aerodynamic aircraft

Flight-SIM : Trajectory & Performance Analysis for Jet Aircraft

 Compare to simple DB of Missile-SIM, Flight-SIM requires more sophisticated DB for several aspect such as weight, aircraft, trajectory options and complicated propulsion. 

 New structure of the DB is configured to consider the effect of the variables. 

1. Aircraft DB

 Weight is divided to ZFW(Zero-Fuel-Weight), Payload, and Fuel. 

 Lift, Drag, and Moment are function of Mach, AoA, and Altitude; Minimum drag change via altitude (Reynolds number) is important for Airliners. 

2. Engine DB

 Y-value of the engine DB are Thrust, Inlet effect(thrust reduction coefficient), FF(Fuel Flow), CD(Spillage Drag), CM(impact on pitching moment); these are changed by Throttle, Altitude, AoA, and Mach. 

 It would be a complex combination of those effect while format of Y-value is shared. 

3. Trajectory DB

 Trajectory input has more options than that of Missile-SIM; Take-Off, SID/STAR, Climb/Descend options should be specified to describe the airliner trajectory. 

 Step-Climb option will be made, and optimal climb/descend and cruise will be used.  

 Next time, I will made generic single-aisle airliner DB to demonstrate sample cases while I develop Flight-SIM main code.