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Aerodynamics Series

2022년 8월 26일 금요일

RKSI Spotting at 2022/Aug/20th

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From 20th of Aug, lots of big airliners came back to RKSI :)

A359, 9V-SHA

B789, A6-BLH

B77W, A7-BAW

A333, B-1041

B789, C-FKSV

A359, D506DN


B789, HL7208

A388, HL7614

B748F, HL7624

A388, HL7625

B748i, HL7631

B748i, HL7632

B748i, HL7642

B77W, HL7783

B77F, HL8045

B77W, HL8209

A333, HL8286

A321N, HL8356

A359, HL8359

A321N, HL8365

A321N, HL8366

B738, HL8378

B744F, N406KZ

A339N, N407DX

MD11F, N543JN

B748F, N605UP

B77W, N754AN

MD11F, N804SN

B77W, N2747U

B789, N17963

B789, PH-BHP


A388, UAE322

B789, ZK-NZG