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Aerodynamics Series

2017년 11월 3일 금요일

Plasma Thrust Generator in Atmospheric condition

Off-topic of my Ph.D Dissertation study, I had used DBD plasma to generate thrust in sea level condition. (in 2015...)

Actually, plasma thrust generator or flow control devices are more effective at high altitude or space condition because breakdown voltage, required energy to generate plasma, become lower at these conditions. 

This short movie is simple feasibility demonstration for DBD plasma actuator, usually studied as flow control devices in low speed(Re#) condition. 

Although it requires a lot of energy to generate given thrust and generate ozone, it could be used for very small channel or re-active gas. 

More info. for my DBD plasma studies

F-22 at ADEX 2017

Maybe, the most recent maneuver demo. of F-22