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Aerodynamics Series

2018년 7월 20일 금요일

Aerodynamics Series

[Table of Contents]

1. High AoA Aerodynamics for Combat Aircraft

2. Prediction of Minimum Drag of Combat Aircraft

3. Summary CFD Workshop

  3. Summary CFD Workshop : 3.1.1

Next of this articles are 

[3. Aerodynamic for Ramjet/Scramjet/Hypersonic] - Planned

[4. TBD] ...

Example of Booster with SRAAM (R-60, R-73) : Possible Solutions for Long-range Missiles?

Although, it is much like 'field-modification' of old inventory SRAAMs, R-60 or R-73 with booster could be noticeable. It is modified Surface-to-Air missile version of R-60 and R-73; I could not find any related real world record of these missiles. 

Reason I bring this missiles for the Blog is that kind of approach could be a solution for long-range air-to-air missiles. Actually, there were projects that booster-ed air-to-air missile like AIM-152, however it never went production level. 

LREW is now developed for new inventory of USAF, and concept art is similar to booster-ed version of CUDA sized missile. Also, below link argued R-74E-PD as new type of long range missiles. 

2018년 7월 16일 월요일

New fighter jet for UK - Tempest

As a new generation fighter for UK is Tempest

Few images are revealed as shown below

Interesting Things are 

1) figure of Payload of 4 UCAV in the internal weapon bay (Maybe?)

2) Modular Design

3) VT and Single seat compared to French-German's non-VT and tandem-seat

2018년 7월 7일 토요일

Russian Test R-37M for Pak-Fa

Russian Test R-37M missile for Pak-Fa

One of possible air-to-air inventory of Pak-Fa, R-37M, is under the test; originally developed for MiG-31M. While MiG-31M could carry six R-37M missiles, Pak-Fa four of them on their IWB. 

R-37M is long range missile which could pursue enemy cruise missiles or high value assets in distance. It is not strange that Pak-Fa integrate those missile however, there is a possibility that Pak-Fa could replace Su-27 and MiG-31 as one platform. 

2018년 7월 6일 금요일

New fighter jet proposal for Replacement of Tornado jet...(2) - French-German New Jet Fighter

As a consequence of proposal in

Few images from Dassault have been released as shown below

As shown in the model, influence various jet fighter can be noticed. 

* Whole configuration is very similar to Pak-Fa without tail part fuselage
  (Large LEX and planform of the main wing)

* Sensor similar to EOTS (F-35) is attached below of the nose

* Large panel at nose (plasma stealth?? of Pak-Fa?)

* 2D Stealth nozzle similar to YF-23 is noticed
  (but French-German could have TVC because there is no obstacle below the nozzle) 

Some noticeable things without influence of the other countries

* Huge uniform delta-wing
  -> it results relatively large control surfaces which should compensate absent of tails
  -> termination of VT and HT : not much emphasize on maneuver? or dependence on TVC?

* Baseline is on the twin-seat
  -> maybe it is the first jet fighter fully considering 'commanding unmanned vehicles'

Changed things compared to the previous 3D images

* Deletion of VT and controllable LERX
  -> Possibilities : less emphasize on maneuver and more on stealth or cruise

* From rounded nozzle to 2D nozzle
  -> TVC can be option, but as a stealth, back-face of engine is too widely exposed compared to F-22

Some Curious thing

* What kind of weapon it will use ?
  -> still, there is no information about it. its fuselage is probably deeper and narrower than F-22
      (similar to Pak-Fa)


As shown in previous video and updated image, it is probably not simple high end fighter. Because while T-50, F-22 were designed for 'every aspect' of air-to-air combat, but French-German is not. 

Their design is limited to stealth, cruise, sensor, or network capability rather than high class of weapon load, dog-fight. (Similar conclusion from previous article)