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2018년 9월 6일 목요일

Initial Version of Missile-SIM for Performance evaluation

 Recently, I have worked some Python code for Missile-Rocket-Projectile Simulation having 2DOF.

 Because I could only simulate lift/drag characteristics of the missile body as shown in Fig. 5, my simulation is relatively simple. Full 6DOF simulation work have been developed for Matlab code when the full 6DOF data, inertia, center of gravity, moment coefficient, is available, however, in most cases, it is not available. 

 Most of my article in the past was relied on estimation of hunch or prediction from common sense, however, I realized better tool for estimation is required. Although, modification of past Matlab code is easier way, study of python code is also enjoyable. 

 As a future plan, I perform CFD for supersonic reference cases via ANSA + StarCCM while improvement for this code will be done. 

 After completion, analysis for Missile/SCRAMJET/Cruise Missile is on plan

Fig. 1. Part of code based on Python 3

Fig. 2. Sample of flight trajectory of missile

Fig. 3. Sample of output trajectory of Simulation

Fig. 4. Sample of output trajectory of Simulation - Plot of Speed, Altitude, Thrust, and Range

Fig. 5. Sample of CFD analysis plan

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