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Aerodynamics Series

2018년 9월 21일 금요일

Aerodynamic Validation of Missile-SIM for Trajectory

Previous W.I.P Status 

 Recently, I have worked some Python Missile-SIM as shown in upper link. Before, simulation is performed in regular evaluation, I verify CFD method of the Simulation. 

 Although, there is some good reference related to aerodynamics of Missile for CFD (Star-CCM & Lockheed for JCM), due to the limited resource of my laptop, I cannot fully follow rule of thumb of the reference. 

 Following aerodynamic result is the best result in my resource
(Higher resolution mesh, Density based, and Implicit method requires too much calculation cost)

 My CFD setting reach maximum 20% discrepancy at M1.6 axial force, however, except that, M2.86 result seems reasonable. Prediction of normal direction force is reasonable for both M1.6 and 2.86. 

 Mach number contour at M2.86, AoA 12deg

Pressure contour at M2.86, AoA 12deg

Temperature contour at M2.86, AoA 12deg

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